Tucson International Airport Economic Impact Analysis


Fall 2016 Advanced Consulting

Sector: Public, Transportation   |   Service: Finance/Accounting

This project analyzes the economic impact that Tucson International Airport has in Pima County, Arizona. The main deliverables are the direct, indirect, and induced economic impact figures, including payroll, value added, and total output.
— Martin Bouvet Bours, MBA ’17


From Left to Right:

Emmanuel Anderson, MBA ’17, Payal Sinha, MBA ’17, George Bootes III, Client Sponsor, Jacob Strawn, MBA ’17, Dr. Alberta Charney, Faculty Advisor, Sina Ehsani, MS Industrial Engineering ’17

Not Pictured: Martin Bouvet Bours, MBA ’17


“Project management and stakeholder management skills are, for me, the most valuable skills obtained from this experience. These two skills apply to most if not all jobs.”
– Martin Bouvet Bours, MBA ’17

“This class helped me develop different skills, and shaped me to become a professional businessman in various ways. I have developed my communication skills, teamwork, and project planning while working with a group with different backgrounds. I developed my presenting skills with the help of the great advisors assigned to this class. This particular project also helped me to understand how a business could impact a region in different ways.”
– Sina Ehsani, MS Industrial Engineering ’17


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