Sempra Energy Cost Optimization Model


Fall 2016 Advanced Consulting

Sector: Energy   |   Service: Operations

Our team is working with San Diego Gas & Electric and San Diego Airport Parking. Our project is to create a cost optimization model that minimizes the operational costs of electric vehicles, while maintaining the operational efficiencies achieved by diesel vehicles. This model will also be modifiable by San Diego Gas & Electric for other client sites. Our deliverables include the cost optimization model itself, as well as a comprehensive training guide.
— Serra Crawford, Team Lead, MBA ’17


From Left to Right:

Back: Surpriya Garg, MBA ’17, Serra Crawford, MBA ’17, Vivek Venkoban, MS Mechanical Engineering ’17, Dr. Joe Valacich, Faculty Advisor, Harish Krishnan, MS Engineering Management ’16, Michael Byrd, Faculty Advisor, J.C. Martin, Client Sponsor

Front: Lisa McGhee, Client Sponsor

Not Pictured: Anne Myers, MBA ’17


“From this project, I am looking to gain real-world experience into the consulting industry. I am also getting experience working with a diverse team and understanding the importance of presenting my knowledge and point of view in a manner understandable to the team.”
— Vivek Venkoban, MS Mechanical Engineering ’17

“This consulting class and project have helped me become a better communicator both inside my team and to our client. Although there are many other learnings I will take with me into my future career, I don’t believe any of them will be as valuable as learning how to communicate effectively to deliver valuable results.”
— Anne Myers, MBA ’17


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