Microsoft Supply Chain Monitoring System


Fall 2016 Advanced Consulting

Sector: Technology   |   Service: Operations

This project focuses on improving the supply chain monitoring system for Microsoft by capturing missing attributes and merging multi-tier supplier data. Key suppliers and risky components are being identified through interviews with cross-functional stakeholders.
— Jon Feng, MBA ’17


From Left to Right:

Back: Nate Wybenga, Client Sponsor, Jon DeVitis, Client Sponsor, Mike Miles Executive Client Sponsor, Nikhil Atkuri, MBA ’17, Jon Ferng, MBA ’17, Medha Aparna, MS MIS ’16

Middle: Medha Aparna, MBA ’17, Dr. Pam Slaten, Faculty Advisor

Front: Alisha Acharya, MBA ’17


“In the future, I plan to apply the critical thinking and interpersonal skills that I have cultivated through the consulting projects in the healthcare field, to improve the quality of life of patients.”
– Jon Ferng, MBA ’17


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