The Eller Business Consulting Program provides a unique opportunity for student teams to work directly with companies to create high-impact, implementable business solutions.

Each consulting project is specifically tailored to a real-world business challenge in a local, regional, or global company. Projects are selected based on the applicable skills required and the industry interest of our students.

The Eller student consulting teams are made up of four to six graduate students. Teams are supported by Eller College of Management faculty, who provide subject matter expertise. The Executive Director and Assistant Director of Business Consulting provide the students with project management support.

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The Eller College offers 20+ years of student team consulting projects that solve real-world, complex business challenges. Working with world-renowned faculty, we support 35 projects per year, resulting in:

98% of our clients are satisfied with the process and product as determined by end-of-semester surveys, and 85% of Eller Business Consulting Project clients return for additional consulting projects.

ProjectTeam Components

Student Teams
Each consulting project is assigned a team of three to six Eller graduate students who bring diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, operations, entrepreneurship, and innovation. If further expertise is required, additional interdisciplinary graduate students may be recruited. Projects are student-driven with support provided by Eller College faculty and staff throughout the process.

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Client Sponsor
Clients are selected to provide a graduate-level business challenge, and based on their willingness to work with the students one to two hours per week throughout the semester. The most successful projects incorporate relevant organizational business challenges, leading to more engaged and invested students and client sponsors—a winning combination!

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Eller Faculty and Staff
The Executive Director for Eller Business Consulting selects projects based on student career interests and skillsets, as well as the client’s ability to provide real-world, actionable challenges. Student teams receive client and project management expertise from the executive director throughout the course. Additionally, each team has access to a faculty advisor who serves as a subject matter expert.

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ClientTimeline to Engage

Contact UsFALL ADVANCED CONSULTING PROJECTS Submission Deadline: Mid-March
Contact UsSPRING CONSULTING PROJECTS Submission Deadline: End of August

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